Play-full Connections: A Conversation with Mary Bolling

We’ve been yarning with Mary Bolling, former  journalist and producer across print, TV and radio, currently working remotely with CQUniversity as Communications Advisor  and passionate about parenting messages through animated media and all things Bluey – with their podcast having over 1.4 million downloads and a global audience.. 

Welcome to the Queen Be Podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories of women who are making a difference in their communities.

In this episode, we are delighted to have a heart-to-heart with Mary Bolling, a media expert, podcast luminary, and captivating storyteller.

Co-hosting a parenting podcast with her friend Kate, centered around Queensland’s beloved cartoon series, Bluey, Mary takes us on a journey exploring the profound impact of storytelling, the unique challenges faced by regional women, and the paramount importance of connection and community.


Growing Up in Regional Australia: A Journey of Identity

Hailing from regional Victoria and South Australia, Mary’s roots run deep in the vast landscapes of country life. Frequent moves and a homeschooling upbringing shaped her sense of identity as a country kid, initially feeling like an outsider. Yet, Mary discovered her sense of belonging in homeschooling and sports communities, as well as within the realm of journalism. Fueled by a passion for writing and storytelling, she embarked on a journalism career that eventually led her to the bustling city of Melbourne.

Journalism, Connection, and Podcasting: A Transformative Path

Amidst her journalistic endeavors, Mary encountered the confrontational nature of an industry often prioritizing conflict over connection. This realization prompted her to reshape the narrative, envisioning journalism as a means of empowering people through resonant storytelling. Fueled by her love for podcasts, Mary ventured into the world of audio storytelling, birthing her own podcast as a medium to connect authentically with people.

One of Mary’s triumphs in the podcasting realm is “Got to be done,” a dedicated exploration of the children’s cartoon series, Bluey. Delving into parenting themes and child psychology, Mary and Kate foster a community of Bluey enthusiasts who engage in lively discussions and share their own parenting odysseys.

Adapting to new communities

“Finding your people or just finding something to join when you get to a new community makes such a difference.” – Mary Bowling

Moving is tough – finding your people in a new place is challenging as many of us can attest to. Mary underscores the significance of building connections in new communities, advocating for engagement in activities that foster a sense of belonging. Whether through joining a roller derby team or starting a podcast, finding a community creates a vital support network.


Looking Forward

Mary’s journey and podcasting experiences underscore the profound impact of storytelling and connection in creating communities and instigating positive change. By sharing personal stories and engaging in meaningful conversations, individuals can find support, learn from one another, and create a sense of belonging. This ripple effect extends beyond personal growth, contributing to positive changes in communities and society at large.

The future of storytelling and podcasting appears promising. As more individuals and communities embrace the power of storytelling, we anticipate a surge in diverse voices and perspectives being shared, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.


You can find Mary and her co-host Kate by searching “Gotta Be Done” in your podcast app, or visit